Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cape Cod - September

For the fourth year in a row we joined our friends the Latta-Giulianas at their family cottage in Dennisport, Cape Cod, for the weekend after Labor Day.

We've established a bunch of traditions as part of this weekend:

This year Audrey and I added a 30-mile bike ride. Last year she and I rode the 10-mile route at Hub on Wheels. Audrey said she'd like to ride the longer route. So we've been going on training rides to work up to the 40-mile ride around Boston next weekend. We rode on the beautiful Cape Cod Rail Trail.

It was warm and a little humid this year. But we slept with the van side door and hatch wide open (we have screens), and the girls enjoyed the screened windows on three sides in the tent upstairs. It was delightful sleeping in warm temps and a breeze.

And now it's time for fall. After the 85 degree day we're going to have on Wednesday, that is.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Crane Beach (Aug 21)

We always try to get in a few good beach days in August before heading back to school. Last Sunday we spent seven hours at Crane Beach.

Carol and the girls also went to Plum Island in the middle of the week to spend the night at a beach house rented by one of Charlotte's friend's families.

And we're going to Crane Beach again tomorrow with friend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Seattle - Richland Vacation

We had a wonderful vacation in Seattle and Richland from July 26 - August 9. Last year we didn't take this trip because we spent all our money and vacation time going to Italy. So it had been two years since our last visit home.

Audrey flew to Seattle a week before the rest of the family and had a lot of fun visiting with family and going shopping, swimming and sightseeing.

When we arrived we spent our first 24 hours in Seattle. We happened to overlap with good friends Kathy and Mark and their kids, who live in Myanmar. So we enjoyed a dinner gathering with them at mutual friends Britt and Ken's house.

The next day we drove to Richland, to Carol's homestead.

Our Richland visit this year was especially good because:

  1. We got to spend a whole day on the river with Carol's childhood friend Kim and her family, and Grandpa Dennis.
  2. Both of Carol's brothers, and sister-in-law-Torii came over to celebrate both Dennis and Mary's 80th birthdays. And as a bonus they brought Niece Kristen.
  3. We enjoyed three boat outings on the river, including one at sunset and another with Grandma Mary, too.

Back in Seattle we enjoyed evenings out with good friends and lots of hanging out with family. Whenever it was warm we went swimming in Greenlake. Audrey learned how to dive!

We spent the last weekend at Aunt Tricia and Uncle Frank's house in Puyallup. We got to see their old school bus that they plan to turn into an RV; we helped Tricia prepare for and serve at a cancer program dinner at her house and just enjoyed hanging out with them.

We had a tourist day in Seattle visiting favorite sites: the Fremont Troll; the Ballard Locks and Seattle Center. We just missed being able to go up in the Space Needle (we timed it wrong).

We enjoyed another visit with Kristen over lunch, and we got to also see Nephew Ross. We also had dinner at Alki's Pegasus Pizza with Kristen and Cousin Alex and his new wife Jade.

We ended the trip with a Methot family tradition: dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. We first ate at this restaurant in Portland, OR in 1969, so this family tradition is 47 years old and going strong.

It was a wonderful trip. Can't wait until the next one!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Boston Light

A couple months ago I read that Boston Light was going to be open for tours again after being closed for renovations for a couple of years. I immediately bought tickets.

There are a lot of islands, shoals and bars in Boston Harbor and it was treacherous to navigate. There were many shipwrecks in the 17th and 18th centuries. The colonists first built a lighthouse on three-acre Little Brewster Island, which marks the turn into the narrow safe channel to Boston, in 1716 (this is the 300th anniversary). The tower was rebuilt in 1783 and that's the tower that stands today.

There were tons of staff on the island. It is the only light house in the US that still has a paid keeper, and her main job is as tour hostess. There were also several National Park rangers and Coast Guard Auxiliary serving as guides. Several of the oldest artifacts owned by the Coast Guard are in the tiny museum room at the base of the lighthouse.

We had brought a picnic but we were so busy visiting the sites on the tiny island (tide pools, cistern house, bell, boathouse and of course climbing the lighthouse itself) that we never had time to eat! There was a very nice breeze so it was quite comfortable.

The girls were very reluctant to go, of course. And yet they had a wonderful time.